Best teaching practices

The Alfons Education learning management system is designed in cooperation with dozens of Finnish teachers and pedagogy professionals. The worlds best teaching and education has been evolved to an easy-to-use digital learning environment.

Everything on the same platform

Alfons is the digital classroom of the future. Teaching and learning happens in the same place – no jumping from service to service. Transferring from onsite to remote teaching is smooth and effortless.

Advanced features

Students may do exercises alone or in a group, take tests and communicate with the teacher in various ways. The workflow between the teacher and the student is completely seamless.

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Security first

Privacy and user data are of utmost importance to us and Alfons is a secure way to learn. All the data is stored in the world’s fastest cloud service in the European Union.

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For the first time in my long career, I am using a learning management system which is designed pedagogically correctly.

Teacher, Helsinki – Finland

Become a learning material producer?

We are looking for teaching professionals for our content production team. Whether you are an experienced teacher or a student in the field of education, you can create a career in the design and production of learning materials by joining our partner. For publishers, we offer industry-leading technology for delivering digital learning materials to schools.

Alfons history

Alfons Education roots date back to 2017, when the Finnish Literary Society approached us with the aim of electrifying the Student Writings book series.

At the planning table, it soon became clear that finnish language teachers as well as students had a desire to make learning easier and more reciprocal with a digital learning environment. We interviewed dozens of teachers and students about what kind of functionalities they would like to facilitate learning.

The learning management system was named Äly (intelligence) and its use began in high schools around Finland in 2018. Äly quickly gained great popularity among teachers as well as students. Digital teaching was perceived as time-saving and studying as interesting.

In 2019, the Association of Mathematics Teachers also wanted to start developing new learning management system based on the same Alfons Education ecosystem to be suitable for teaching mathematics. We accepted the challenge enthusiastically.

Äly and Maol2 learning environments are widely used in the teaching of upper secondary schools and primary schools in Finland. Learning environments are even described as the most advanced in the world in their category.

During these years of experience, we have gained a tremendous amount of understanding, knowledge and skills in digital teaching and learning, which have enabled us to create new openings for the Alfons Education ecosystem in Finland and abroad.



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