Alfons Education is a digital learning environment or LMS (Learning Management System) developed in Finland. Alfons allows teachers to implement classroom and remote teaching in compliance with the curriculum. Alfons can be used in almost any device with a network connection, from mobile to desktop computers.

Data in the cloud

Alfons LMS is easy to take into use and it can be done without the help of any ICT support. Alfons is used in a web browser and is available anywhere at any time. All data is stored in a worlds fastest cloud platform located in Finland. The content produced by a user is automatically stored in the system and it is backed up in real time. The system is fully GDPR compatible.

World’s fastest learning environment

There were two main objectives in the technical development of the system: Reliability and speed. Alfons runs on the world’s fastest and most reliable servers, and the users can rest assured that the platform is available 24/7 and the data is securely stored.

User interface

The starting point of designing the learning environment was the ease of use and swift and smooth user experience. The platform guides the user to make correct choices and it doesn’t require reading manuals or going through separate training. The structure and logic of the user interface guarantee superior user experiences, and all the required tools can be easily found. 

Technical support

The technical support of Alfons Education provides quick help and makes sure that possible user incidents do not affect the use of the software. Our technical support has received praise for their service and fast solution time.

Information security

The server environment is highly secure and protected against various attacks. We continuously monitor possible abuse incidents and react quickly to them.